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what youth recommends e. geiselman

E. Geiselman: There are two The last video project Surfing Mag will ever do

We’ve been fans of the Geiselman brothers for a long time. Evan’s been tearing since Dear Suburbia days, and Eric...
what youth recommends sundaland

Watch “Sundaland” Run to Mexico with Brendon Gibbens, Cam Richards and Eric Geiselman

In lots of the world right now, it’s winter. And wherever it’s winter, it’s cold. And watching this just thawed...
what youth recommends lost it new zealand

Watch “Lost It: New Zealand” Outtakes from the road way less traveled with Brendon Gibbens, Bryce Young and Eric Geiselman

The parts of surf trips you usually see are polished and packaged up with all the A plus clips, making...
what youth off beat eric geiselman surfing

Off Beat: Eric Geiselman Raccoons, wine and we finally reveal who’s better him or his brother I Presented by Richer Poorer

We got stuck on a boat in an Indonesian rain storm recently and spent two whole days sitting in a...
what youth recommends to the core

Watch “Rotten to the Core” Surfing is not a sport and this video is a throwback reminder

This is the type of surf film you find buried in the VHS collection deeper than the others because you kind of...
what youth

Watch “Island South” A cold new short, and some warm Vissla wetsuits starring Brendan Gibbens, Bryce Young and Eric Geiselman

Vissla recently took their new wetsuits to New Zealand and had Bryce Young, Brendon Gibbens and Eric Geiselman ramp out...
what youth recommends dream steeple premiere announcement

Vissla’s “Dream Steeple” World Premiere Thursday night in Huntington Beach at our favorite venue: Don the Beachcomber

Thursday night in our favorite tiki garden of rum Vissla will debut their new project film: “Dream Steeple.” There will be...
Eric Geiselman Afternoon Interview

Afternoon Interview: Eric Geiselman Massage chair Audi’s and repeatedly being hit by sharks and dolphins presented by Gorilla

Somehow Eric Geiselman swindled a deal with Audi for a few weeks and so we rolled over to Cappy’s breakfast joint...
Eric Geiselman, Vissla, Surfing, California

Eric Geiselman and Derrick Disney in CA Vissla’s new edit will practically pack the car for you

California is a vast place. Really fucking vast. The coast can throw anything and everything at you too. From cozy and...
what youth lizards of summer surfing

Lizards of Summer Episode 010

Welcome to the What Youth Madhouse. And our favorite show. Episode 2 of the second season of Lizards of Summer. Another...
what youth recommends drive dump

Eric Geiselman’s Hard Drive This is like getting a new …Lost video

You get a new sponsor, and all that work with different stickers is kind of old hat. But luckily Eric...
what youth recommends vissla panama

La Panama Field Trip Vissla Heads to the Humidity

By the end of this you can feel the mosquito bites, sunburn, trunk rash and sweaty end-of-the-day cervezas. This is...
eric geiselman what youth recommends

Eric Geiselman in Florida You could sponsor Eric for many reasons. And Vissla did.

Eric Geiselman welcome to Vissla video