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Watch Harry Bryant in “Hazmania” Bunch of goofy wedges

We met Harry Bryant a couple months back, when he strolled into our office. He drank some beers. Skated the...
Harry Bryant, Surfing, Off Beat, What Youth, Hunter Martinez

Off Beat: Harry Bryant Episode 041: Beer, Mexican food and fidget spinners with your new favorite Australian

There’s a new blonde bowl cut in town and his name is Harry Bryant. Classic Australian in every sense of...

Jay Davies in “Native” The full-length trailer for Jay Davies’ new flick

 Jay Davies is easily one of the most underrated aerialists and chargers in the world. He’s finally getting his own...
what youth recommends rust starring harry bryant

Watch Harry Bryant in “Rust” Shades of Noa Deane in a mirror? Maybe yes!

First thing I thought of — and maybe it’s the Rusty on the nose — was now somewhat vintage Cluster days...
what youth recommends left for shred harry bryant beau foster shaun manners

Watch “Left for Shred” With Harry Bryant, Beau Foster and Shaun Manners

A fun little jam session with three fun surfers. Beau Foster’s settled nicely into a shortboarding alternative, moving interestingly modern...
what youth recommends Nathan Foster in emu

Harry Bryant in “Emu” Big chunky lefts

Harry Bryant laying it down on all fronts. Big barrels. Big turns. Really digging the song in this one.
what youth recommends harry bryant

Harry Bryant in “Hazardous Waste” Harry Bryant’s innate sense of menace

You, yes you, you little rock n roller, you know you need a heavy dose of mid week release. And...
License to Chill Episode 1 Mason Ho

License to Chill starring Mason Ho Episode 1: Burger Goes to Bali starring Mason, Tom Curren and Cheeseburger

I don’t think anything this good has come out in a long time. Lost and Mason and Curren and Burger…in...

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