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Waves by Taylor Curran Starring Jake Kelley

Taylor Curran’s ode to “Ill Communication” blends the art of surfing and music videos in this stylish edit, “Waves.”
what youth recommends elijah and evan

Watch “Elijah & Evan” Late afternoon skates around LA

Brothers spending an afternoon skating around Venice. An old school look set to some new school, lo-fo house soundtrack. Filmed and...
what youth gunner day surfing

Watch “Gundad” A warm water barrel-fest starring Gunner Day

Yesterday was a bit of a slow one around the office. We blamed the super moon. We blamed the colder air....
what youth recommends windows hunter martinez

Watch “Windows” A surf vid by our new kid Hunter Martinez that we thoroughly enjoyed

Hunter Martinez is our new guy. He’s also a human labrador. And a damn good photographer and filmmaker (he shot...
what youth afternoon interview zion wright

Afternoon Interview: Zion Wright Episode 062: We took the newest pro for REAL out for some skateboarding in Los Angeles

Zion Wright is killing it right now. He just went pro for REAL Skateboards — that happened just the other day...
what youth issue 19 magazine kader sylla

What Youth Issue 19 On Sale Now (FREE for 72 HOURS) and featuring Kader Sylla at the wheel on the cover

Making magazines is quite the endeavor. A lot of tiny pieces and fragments and words and photos come together to...
what youth afternoon interview kader sylla skateboarding

Afternoon Interview: Kader Sylla Episode 61: Ditching school, Skating Pedlow and taking the wheel of Skateboarding

We’re all kinda hoping that Kader Sylla’s mom doesn’t see this. Because he might have ditched a few classes to hang...
what youth recommends jake kelley lomo

Watch Jake Kelley in “LOMO” Spring to summer and back again

I swear to God I run into Jake Kelley all over the world. The dude puts in the time. Portugal,...
what youth shane borland adolescents surfing

Adolescents: Shane Borland Episode 010: The scrappy return of our 18 and under parts

Shane Borland is always around. He’s either outside our office waiting to pick someone up to film him (Hunter). Or...
what youth recommends war hunter martinez

Watch Micky Clarke in “WAR” Stomping around Ventura

Our favorite pretty boy, Hunter Martinez, put out this edit a few days ago of Micky Clarke in Ventura. Tons...
what youth hunter martinez surfing photography

Hurricane Hermine Hunt Photographer Hunter Martinez took us on his recent hurricane chase

Being from the West Coast, hurricanes — at least the ones they get in the east — are exciting. They...
Andrew Jacobson in Flagnet by Hunter Martinez.

“Flanget” starring Andrew Jacobson Retro tunes and good surfing all over the place

“Flange” is Andrew Jacobson. And I love seeing Flange around town. He’s got a great attitude and he’s pretty funny...
what youth photo credit hunter martinez

Photo Credit: Hunter Martinez Portfolio 025: In a busy California winter, this young photog’s work is a step ahead

Hunter Martinez is 21 years old and from Pasadena, California. Not exactly a spot many of you would know if...

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