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what youth recommends always more

Watch “Always More” “Just For Kicks” B-Sides with Noah Wegrich, Mitch Coleborn, and Nate Tyler

Remember Noah Wegrich’s “Just For Kicks” that came out on the start of January? No worries if you don’t because that...
what youth recommends noah wegrich just for kicks

Watch Noah Wegrich In “Just For Kicks” With appearances from Mitch Coleborn, Nate Tyler, and Torren Martyn

Darkened skis, grey water, chilly peaks. Normally not the most inviting trifecta but Santa Cruz local Noah Wegrich has us ready...
what youth recommends the seawolf trailer

The Seawolf Premieres tonight This new film by Ben Gulliver looks really good and it makes its debuts tonight

There is a serious shortage of quality surf films being made right now. Which is why we’re so excited to...
what youth recommends

Watch the trailer for “Perilous Sea” A frozen movie shot exclusively in the North Atlantic

Perilous Sea is looking to be the first surf film shot entirely on the different rugged shores of the North...
what youth recommends the seawolf trailer

“The Seawolf” Trailer Featuring Chippa Wilson, Balaram Stack, Oliver Kurtz, Cam Richards & More

A full length cold water doc that looks fucking gorgeous. The official release date will be some time in July...
what youth recommends surfing

The Escape Starring Luke Hynd, Dillon Perillo and Noah Wegrich

Dusty roads, driving on the beach, empty points and cold Tecate. Sign us up. We’ll skip the getting stuck in...

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