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what youth recommends royal brat full tilt duster

WY Premiere: Royal Brat Listen to “Full Tilt Duster”

One thing that doesn’t suck about 2018 is the amount of noteworthy music our ears are waiting to soak up....
what youth recommends honduras

Listen to Honduras Raw punk from Brooklyn

Brooklyn-based punk band Honduras are my new favorite flavor. And I’m not talking about some brief encounter with a salty...
Childbirth, Women's Rights, Music, What Youth Recommends

Listen to Childbirth, “Women’s Rights” Political and hilarious girl punk

Whatever happened to gritty girl power punk rock? Bands like Bikini Kill, Bratmobile, Huggy Bear and Babes in Toyland rocked...
what youth recommends the garden music

Listen to The Garden Orange County’s ever evolving punk crusaders

The Garden will most likely hate being referred to as punk crusaders, but since their birth as a band in...

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