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what youth harry bryant surf trip

Well, you’re hired We reached out to you and you delivered. Now it’s time to go

Holy shit, it worked!  The idea hatched over a pitcher of margaritas the other night is a reality. And it’s...
what youth recommends kevin schulz home & away

Watch Kevin Schulz in “Home // Away” Jumping around North America with Kevin Schulz

I woke up this morning, which is always a blessing, but it felt even more so today. There are (some) waves....
what youth recommends noah wegrich just for kicks

Watch Noah Wegrich In “Just For Kicks” With appearances from Mitch Coleborn, Nate Tyler, and Torren Martyn

Darkened skis, grey water, chilly peaks. Normally not the most inviting trifecta but Santa Cruz local Noah Wegrich has us ready...

The Lady of Guadalupe and Jason Jessee Nixon x Santa Cruz Collab celebrates Jason Jessee’s classic graphic

There’s more to the story when you use the Lady of Guadalupe as a board graphic. As Santa Cruz and...
Travis Reynolds, Vissla

Artisanal Surfboard Making Watch Vissla’s new series on making a surfboard from start to finish with Travis Reynolds (PT. 1)

In What Youth Issue 9 we addressed the rapid extinction of artisans. And it was an unlikely conversation with a...
what youth recommends dream bars kolohe andino and nat young

Watch “Dream Bars” Up North with Kolohe Andino and Nat Young

Here’s a handful of days that Kolohe Andino and Nat Young got “up north.” I think anyone who’s ever attempted...
what youth collected thoughts stretch surfboards nate lawrence

Collected Thoughts 118 Stretch Surfboards shaping room, 2013

“I’ve always had a fascination with surfboard shapers. Mainly because they are really weird and mostly crazy. And I like...
what youth off beat cole sandman

Off Beat: Cole Sandman Episode 028: During TIU: North we inherit Santa Cruz’s resident gremlin grom for a day

One morning we woke up as usual, got coffee and headed out to look for waves in Santa Cruz. Yago...
what youth santa cruz nate lawrence collected thoughts

Santa Cruz, localism, kooks and me. Collected Thoughts 090

I recently made a mistake. I took a photo at a spot in Santa Cruz and posted it on our...
what youth collected thoughts dane reynolds

Dane Reynolds in Santa Cruz Collected Thoughts 082

“I think Dane was in Santa Cruz for the Cold Water Classic this year. The weather was warm and the...
Deryl Flea Virostko what youth for the love

For The Love: Darryl “Flea” Virostko Episode 014 Presented by Vissla

Flea Virostko's sober living environment in Santa Cruz, CA
what youth photo credit

Photo Credit: Patrick Trefz Portfolio 013

Patrick Trefz is originally from Düsseldorf, Germany — a long way from his current Santa Cruz home and surf lifestyle....

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