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WY Recommends: C-Heads Magazine Girls and photography

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01.23.15 – TAGS: , ,

Yeah, we know, your Instagram is a wonderland of babes. Who needs anything else? Well, we want to remind you that “clicks” and “likes” don’t mean shit in the grand scheme of making things that matter or that are good. Remember what the smart man Seth Godin said, “Popular is not the same as important, or often, not the same as good.” So we’re here to help.

Hopefully we can swim through some of the chaos and highlight some books, magazine, art and photography that matter. And since it’s still OK to be sexy, we found a magazine out of Berlin called C-Heads that is very sexy. And it’s curated and founded by women. Which is super rad. Their site is easy to navigate for first time visitors and is a place worth checking in on once a week just to see what they’re making.

Check out this gallery of some of their work and be sure to check their amazing website and books often at: C-Heads 

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