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Patti Smith: Live at The Theatre at Ace One night after the World Premiere of Cluster

patti smith what youth
Photos: Kai Neville

We like to think it was an ethereal power that lined this up. But it’s really just incredible luck. But life has a way of doing that, don’t it?

Following our big night premiering Kai’s new film at the overwhelmingly beautiful Theatre at Ace, we rallied together with Creed McTaggart, Beau Foster, Dion Agius and Kai and walked next door once again to watch a woman who has spoken to us all in a variety of voices. All fascinating. All inspiring. All punk.

The night was incredible, a perfect encore and change of pace from our previous night. Holding a glass of red wine and watching a woman so punk rock she would never admit it. A highlight of the night was watching her cover Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” on the same stage we ran around on the night before, premiering Cluster. Several strange generations of inspiration coming to an exploding, fist in the air fruition.

Here are a few photos and the documentary “Dream of Life” on Patti that Creed said is simply, “Incredible.”





Patti Smith: Dream of Life Part I: 

Patti Smith: Dream of Life Part II:

Patti Smith: “Smells Like Teen Spirit.”— Nirvana Cover



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