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8 Ball Zines A New York zine publisher we found at the LA Art Book Fair

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Last Week we cruised to the Los Angeles Art Book Fair with Noa Deane and his dad Wayne. We watched Thurston Moore perform an obnoxiously loud 30 minute set and walked around the venue. One booth that really caught our eye was 8 Ball Zines.

They started off as an independent art book fair in 2012 at the Grand Billiard in Brooklyn which is now shut down unfortunately. R.I.P. The fair now takes place twice a year in June and December in New York City.

The main table at the fair is the “drop-off” table, where anyone can bring their own self-made zines, posters, t-shirts, and patches to sell.

For every edition of the fair, 8-Ball curates a set of zines together with a new publisher each time. Since April, 8-Ball Crew started producing more books, zines, mix tapes, events, shops, zine libraries and the newsstand publications.

Click on the link for more information:  8BALL ZINES


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