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Tones of Dirt and Bone New book by photographer Mike Brodie

At 17 Mike Brodie wandered across the U.S. any way he could for free. He walked, hitchhiked and train hopped. Shortly after, Brodie found a Polaroid camera stuffed behind a carseat. With no training in photography, Brodie’s early work was all shot on a Polaroid. When the Polaroid film he used was discontinued, he switched to 35mm film. He then spent years crisscrossing the U.S. amassing a collection of imagery that’s now regarded as one of the most impressive archives of American travel photography.

We had no word from Brodie until now. He is finally releasing a book of all of his early Polaroid work called Tones of Dirt and Bone. Available now at Twin Palms Publishers.

Scroll below for a sample of Brodies work..

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