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WY Recommends: The Rooms A band that thrashes

I’ve spent a lot of my time lately trying to find a modern band that makes me wanna scream out the window at bikers a little better. But it seems that amid the abundance of good jangly indie tunes that are so prevalent on labels like Burger and Lolipop, there is a void of young anger. Like young, skate anger. And I think that’s starting to change, because it turns out I only needed to open my eyes as one of our friends who kills it at everything Tanner Rozunko (watch this for proof) happens to be in a band doing just that. They’re called The Rooms and they’re beginning to make a ton of noise. It’s got that Death From Above 1979 meets Bronx in an alley to throw bottles type of fuck it. And we need that. The Rooms are Jono Sember, Cole Bannani, Alex Lavayen and Tanner Rozunko. Listen to them. We’ll probably make them play our next party for free.

Listen to The Rooms here:

They were also featured in Brixton’s Spring line video:

Brixton Spring 2015 Video Lookbook from BRIXTON on Vimeo.

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