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Working Class Jordy Smith in California

J.S. to Jay Z.

Jordy came by our office about a month ago with a hard drive for Kai. He said “Where’s my part in Cluster bru?” And handed over the goods. Kai had a sick little edit going with Jordy, Taj and Jay Davies that broke up two parts. It was so sick to see Jordy ripping. It felt fresh and on point, it fit the film and the edit perfectly. But then O’neill called and said we can’t use those clips. Great call, save those clips for some marketing meeting or to drop in a web clip. That will definitely be watched for years to come on repeat and studied by groms world wide.

Well, at least we get to see a few of those clips here. There are some that didn’t make this edit that are crazy. Hope the board members enjoy em at their next marketing meeting.

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