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Rewind Me: Kelly Slater Kelly Slater in Black and White, coming tomorrow

Video: Troy Eckert

It’s quoted, recited, mimicked and referenced repeatedly. The scenes were viral memes before memes and Internet existed. And the scary thing about it is that the dude is still just as exciting now as he was on this awkward morning sloppily eating his cereal in what is now one of surfing’s most candid, awkward and honest interviews of all time, from his debut film.

It’s one of our finest moments on record. And tomorrow we’ll bring you the king in his debut movie, after 25 years of analyzing and reciting, we sit down with Kelly Slater and talk about the film.

And then beginning Friday morning we’ll stream the film that gave us our first proper introduction to Kelly, Kelly Slater in in Black and White, in it’s entirety for 3 days only at What Youth.

Thursday: Kelly Slater on Black and White

Friday: Kelly in Black and White (In it’s entirety!) 

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