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WY Recommends: Ride The loud and soothing return of shoegaze

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Editor’s note: If the loud, fuzz distortion of a lot of songs you find in Cluster and the noise constantly emitting from the What Youth HQ are any indication, the next ’90s wave of tunes we’ll all be enjoying is from the shoegaze genre.  And resident music aficionado/determined show attendee/global wanderer Asal Shahindoust just hit the nail on the head, and found a deeper cut we think you’ll enjoy. And they also might have the greatest album cover of all time. —Travis 

My shoegaze wishes are finally coming true. And just as I hoped, the resurrection of some the most influential ’90s bands of the genre like My Bloody Valentine and Slowdive are just the beginning.

And I’m calling it: 2015 is the year of Ride. A British alt-rock band that was in its prime from 1988 to 1996. They made their name by creating albums that were deemed as “best shoe gaze album ever” to come out of the UK at the time, making them pioneers of our beloved dreamy alt-rock. They birthed catchy and crunchy raw sounds with a soothing croon that begs to be played louder than all other records.


Ride, “Nowhere”

Ride disbanded in 1996 and we didn’t hear much from them until now, after two decades of silence they’re making a comeback with a reunion tour. In California they’ll be hitting up Coachella, the Fox Theater in Pomona, and I have a feeling that following up from Slowdive’s performance last year, they will pop up on this year’s FYF Fest line up as well and add tons of global dates. And hearing this stuff live is what will cement them in your pantheon of favorites.


Ride, “Going Blank Again”

If you’re new to Ride though or have been meaning to check them out your catalog needs only “Nowhere” and “Going Blank Again.” And if you really want to fall in love, buy them on on vinyl. “Going Blank Again” plays at a 45 rpm speed, making it sound even more raw and crunchy and fresher than you could ever dream.

Ride will satisfy the appetite of anyone who craves post punk, britpop and shoe gaze.—Asal Shahindoust

You can check out the rest of the announced tour dates here. 


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