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New Order by Kevin Cummins A new book that documents the rise and fall of New Order

A new book containing a collection of photographs of the legendary and influential band New Order was just announced. It is by Kevin Cummins who was the main photographer for Joy Divison and who fell into documenting New Order from their formation in 1980 to their split in 1993.  Cummins includes super-fan detail and things from intimate studio sessions to the emotion of the live show.

The book features more than a hundred photographs reflecting over a decade of New Order. Prefaced by a selection of rarely seen memorabilia and conversations with the band members. You can get the book here.

And for those of you not familiar with New Order: When Ian Curtis took his own life, the band around him from Joy Division began anew as New Order. And if you want more, go watch Craig Anderson’s incredible part in Cluster. That’s New Order.

 Preview of New Order

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