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The Brixton Broadcast at SXSW Featuring Iceage, The Spits, Sheer Mag and more

The amount of good music being played outdoors across the globe right now is down right overwhelming. But sometimes, with a little research, maybe some guidance and curation from a brand like Brixton you may find yourself whipped into some of the better stuff getting around. Last week SXSW wrapped up in Austin, Texas and Brixton hosted tons of sick bands at the Buckshot bar. It was one of the better showcases of bands — reckless, sweaty and weird with bands like The Spits, Iceage, Sheer Mag, The Rooms, The Blind Shake, Adult Books, Arctic, Kim & the Created and tons more.

Watch above, and scroll through and prepare to google the shit out of these bands. Your new favorite is in there.


Sheer Mag

SXSW-2015-02-014-DSC07560-WEB SXSW-2015-02-016-DSC07592-WEBSXSW-2015-02-018-DSC07632-WEB

The Rooms


The Blind Shake

SXSW-2015-02-028-IMG_5166-WEB SXSW-2015-02-039-DSC07692-WEB SXSW-2015-02-041-IMG_5281-WEB SXSW-2015-02-045-DSC07731-WEB SXSW-2015-02-055-IMG_5451-WEB SXSW-2015-02-059-IMG_3229-WEB SXSW-2015-02-060-IMG_3256-WEB SXSW-2015-02-061-IMG_3373-WEB SXSW-2015-02-062-DSC07826-WEB

Kim and the Created



SXSW-2015-02-078-IMG_6233-WEBSXSW-2015-04-003-IMG_2495-WEB SXSW-2015-04-005-DSC06817-WEB SXSW-2015-04-007-DSC06828-WEBSXSW-2015-04-010-DSC06883-WEB

Gym Shorts

SXSW-2015-04-012-DSC06955-WEB SXSW-2015-04-013-DSC06963-WEB


SXSW-2015-04-014-IMG_2499-WEBSXSW-2015-04-017-DSC06990-WEB SXSW-2015-04-018-DSC07012-WEB

Daddy Long Legs


The Spits


The Memories



SXSW-2015-04-048-DSC08894-WEB SXSW-2015-04-064-DSC08960-WEB SXSW-2015-04-067-DSC08977-WEB SXSW-2015-04-068-DSC08987-WEB-2SXSW-2015-04-086-DSC09045-WEB

King Tuff

SXSW-2015-04-091-DSC09054-WEB SXSW-2015-04-096-DSC09072-WEB SXSW-2015-04-119-DSCF8272-WEB SXSW-2015-04-120-DSCF8276-WEB

Giorgio Murderer

SXSW-2015-04-121-DSCF8288-WEB SXSW-2015-04-122-DSCF8301-WEB SXSW-2015-04-123-DSCF8308-WEB SXSW-2015-04-124-DSCF8326-WEB


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