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Watch Froth’s “Postcard Radio” video Directed by Riley Blakeway

Here’s a really good video and song shot by one of our really good friends Riley Blakeway. Riley once filmed Chippa Wilson regularly and you can imagine what it’s like keeping up with Chippa, and he’s gone on to make some really rad skate films and now he’s making sick music videos. He’s clearly moving right on up and we’re very stoked and proud of him. He made one of our favorite vids on our site called “The Devil’s Teeth” and today he released this sick youthful and chaotic portrait of everyday madness in Los Angeles for Froth’s song “Postcard Radio.”

He shot it like a pro. The song is really good. And the band, Froth is one of our favorites. Watch the vid and check some screen grabs below.

froth_postcardradio_01 froth_postcardradio_02froth_postcardradio_07 froth_postcardradio_03 froth_postcardradio_04 froth_postcardradio_05 froth_postcardradio_06    froth_postcardradio_10 froth_postcardradio_11

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