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Jenkem Magazine: The Tim O’Connor Show Ep. 02 Austyn Gillete & Danny Garcia

Jenkem magazine might very well tell the best stories in skateboarding. Interviews, write ups, behind the scenes. There’s nobody doing it better.

In The Tim O’Connor Show, Tim O’Connor does very candid, very revealing, very funny conversations with skaters. In episode two he catches up with our friend Austyn Gillette and former Quik team manager and Habitat team rider Danny Garcia. 

Here’s a synopsis, or something (but just go listen):

“Tim drove his whole family straight from Arizona to Los Angeles so he could make it to Austyn Gillette’s house before he left to Coachella. Danny Garcia was there too, and the three former Habitat riders talked about Street League, getting DUI’s on horseback and Brian Wenning losing his virginity.” —Jenkem 

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