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Interview with Larry Clark “Kids” 20th Anniversary

05.18.15 – TAGS: ,

When we think of Larry Clark the first thing that comes to mind is a genuine portrait of teen years. His work has always been iconic and controversial. He captured the unforgettable things that everybody goes through– drugs, sex and youth. He did this in such a sincere way through his filmmaking and photography. Today Supreme celebrates the 20th anniversary of his film “KIDS” with a collaboration line and interview with the man himself. You can watch it here.

below– a sample of the line and a few selects of Larry’s work

larryclark_supreme_WYlarryclark_supreme_WY2larryclark_supreme_WY34301de1a0dcdaceaec22f42a6d02026f larry-clark3  tumblr_lqq6a2fkv21qe0lqqo1_1280 tumblr_n0ycqaYSKI1r4kigmo1_500


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