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What Youth Recommends: Crap Eyewear Your new sunglasses for summer

There are a lot of fucking options when it comes to sunglasses these days. Like it’s crazy how many there are. And a lot of them are good (and expensive), but we found some that take a lot of pretense and the cheese out of the process and give you affordable, stylish, legit pairs of polarized shades. You can get them sandy and get smashed in a summertime festival pit and not even change styles. They’re weird. Fun. But completely functional. Your girlfriend will steal them. Your homies will steal them. And you’ll be able to afford a new pair just the same. What Youth very much recommends.

They have everyone from Derek Dunfee and Jared Mell to the band Corners hiding behind their lenses too. So it’s nice to know they’re supporting the cream of the core. Check ’em out yourself here: Crap Eyewear

Photos: Tony Accosta

Crap_Eyewear-2015_Spring-Lookbook_Hello_Yellow-01-940px Crap_Eyewear-2015_Spring-Lookbook_Hello_Yellow-05-940px Crap_Eyewear-2015_Spring-Lookbook_Hello_Yellow-06-940px Crap_Eyewear-2015_Spring-Lookbook_Hello_Yellow-07-940px Crap_Eyewear-2015_Spring-Lookbook_Hello_Yellow-08-940px Crap_Eyewear-2015_Spring-Lookbook_Hello_Yellow-09-940px Crap_Eyewear-2015_Spring-Lookbook_Hello_Yellow-13-940px Crap_Eyewear-2015_Spring-Lookbook_Hello_Yellow-14-940px Crap_Eyewear-2015_Spring-Lookbook_Hello_Yellow-15-940px

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