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Volcom Announce Psychic Migrations A new surf film coming this September

The last “official” Volcom surf film we have on record is The Bruce Movie. And while there have been a few cult classics over the past few years like Creepy Fingers and BS!, this one is going to be something special, and it’s with a hell of a lot of excitement today that we can finally announce Psychic Migrations, a brand new surf film from Volcom, coming this September.

Volcom’s pantheon of surf movies is deep and includes Magna Plasm, 156 Tricks, Stoney Baloney, Computer Body and The Bruce Movie. Cult films that live in the mind for a lifetime. And we appreciate that. Check out the first visions above and get ready to countdown to September with us and Volcom to release the new film.

We’ll go behind the scenes with the crew and filmmakers, reminisce on the old vids and get hyped to watch the Volcom team — which is stacked from top to bottom with the likes of Dusty Payne, Mitch Coleborn, Yago Dora, Ozzy Wright, Gavin Beschen, Parker Coffin, Nate Tyler, Carlos Munoz and more — in the new film later this year.

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