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Twinchronicity: A Movie on The Mattson 2 New Film Needs Your Help

06.16.15 – TAGS: , , ,

The Mattson 2 were featured in What Youth Issue 9, and they’ve been jamming since birth. Literally, according to them: “We started jamming in our mother’s womb. Jared strummed the umbilical chord and I used my mom’s belly as a kick drum.”

They are a pair of brilliant musicians who play a unique form of music that can be described as post apocalyptic surf prog-rock with a jazz slant. And now they’re taking it to the big screen, but the film needs yours help. Right away, in the next 24 hours!

Watch the trailer for the film Twinchronicity and go help their page to fund the release of this sick new film, and please go see them live, any chance you get. You’ll be very happy you did: Help fund the film here: Twinchronicity: A Mattson 2 Documentay. 


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