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American made Brixton Trunks Dyer Brand Surfboards and Brixton collab on some good-looking trunks

Brixton recently team up with Dyer Brand, a surfboard company based in San Diego on a limited edition trunk. The idea was to apply the same craftsmanship of Dyer Surfboards to a pair of Brixton trunks. The result is the Beach Bomber, a vintage military inspired cotton trunk featuring custom Brixton and Dyer Brand artwork. SU15-Prod-M-Bottom-Trunk-18-Beach_Bomber-01A

They also worked with Dyer Brand on a one-of-a-kind custom board, hand shaped and glassed by Mason Dyer. The Brixton & Dyer Brand Beach Bomber Surfboard features hand painted artwork by Brixton artist Mike Upton and is available for purchase through Ebay.

Proceeds from the sale of the surfboard will benefit the SurfAid, a humanitarian organization dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of people living in isolated regions.


And on top of all that, they’re really good looking pair of trunks. Get them here in the Brixton online shop. 

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