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Down by the Sea Fall 2015 from Amuse Society

Since the Roxy girl left her smile in Waikiki in the ’90s, girls and their salty-inspired fashions have been transitioning back and forth from a yoga-fit influence to rock ‘n’ roll and back again. Or so it seems.  Less longboarding smiles, more eyeliner. But today Amuse launched their new line for Fall and it could be the beginning of a new hybrid: Beach punk. Or something altogether different. But we definitely dig.

Watch the video from the latest campaign and see the influence bloom.

In their own words, this is what we’re looking at:

On the edge of sunshine and darkness, relaxation and rebellion, grounded sea level and cliff’s vertigo highs — these warm days fading into cool nights have us soul searching in the magical unknown.

We’re gonna go back to the photos now, but it sure looks good.

Check out more from Amuse Society here: Amuse Society. 

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