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Lolipalooza 2 Glitter and Cavities For All

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“Just woke up and I’m covered in glitter and lollipop wrappers,” said photographer David Evanko post Lolipalooza, the second annual 12-hour festival hosted by our buds Lolipop Records that took over the Echo and Echoplex this past Saturday in Echo Park. With almost 40 bands playing both stages, plus the outside patio, not to mention deejays, comedians, and popcorn vendors, the fest was like a carnival of people watching, sugar high vibes, and awesome bands right on track with the Lolipop feel.


The all ages event started off at noon, and by 3pm, with Froth on the Echoplex stage, the crowd was ready to go. Joojoo Ashworth even dedicated the last song to his dad, which made every candy eating sap in the audience go, “awww.” Local badasses Feels dominated the Echo stage shortly after, led by Laena Geronimo and Shannon Lay, who may have the absolute best hair in town.



Back downstairs, Kim and the Created crushed their set and freaked everyone out, in the best way possible. Kim House’s Iggy Pop-inspired performances only get better and better, and her insane costumes, complete with Christmas lights — I still have no idea how that worked — continue to amaze. San Francisco punk band Useless Eaters blew my eardrums out and fucked up my neck, and Portland psych surfers Psychomagic put everyone in a sugary daze.

White Fence closed off the night with an epic set, and after all the lollipops were sucked and all the glitter in the world was spilled over everything, the fest was a total success. Good work Lolipop. We may never get the glitter out of our beds, but it was worth it. –Maya Eslami 


Kim and the Created


Tim Presley





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