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Good to Extremely Over Hyped The Internet explodes after the recent swell in Indo, but locals know best

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Yes it was fucking pumping. Yes, it really was. I promise, compared to what you surfed it was incredible, and this is not a post about it not being good. But you must realize that Indo sees incredible waves like this a lot. We go there a lot. Some of us live there. Especially this time of year. But when the forecast cubicle crew in their royal blue polos see purple on their radar screens, they tend to hyperbolize more than the New York Post.

What Youth’s own Nate Lawrence and Kai Neville are both in Indo chasing the mongo swell, and Nate had this to say:

“You can’t listen entirely to Surfline. It wasn’t the biggest swell of the decade. It was just a big swell with long periods — which is pretty normal for this time of year. Those guys must be stuck in an office cubicle in Huntington Beach or something…”

We went to Padang Padang and it was incredibly crowded. But local boys like Mustofa Jeksen, Mega Semadhi, Bol Adi Putra and Raditya Rondi stood tall in more than a few Padang pipes. As you can see below.

But this is a circus. And so we headed for stranger pastures with Julian Wilson and we found some jumps. Stay tuned.


Mega Semadhi


Bol Adi Putra


Raditya Rondi


Bol Adi Putra


Mustofa Jeksen


Mustofa Jeksen


Mustofa Jeksen


Mustofa Jeksen


Rahtu Suargita


And while that was a smorgasbord for the local boys, it was these ramps that had us feasting today….Check back for more of what happened when Julian hit the ramps.


Julian Wilson

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