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Listen to CG Roxanne and the Nightmares And catch them live at Echo Park Rising tonight

Tired of all the jangly, bubble-gum pop and shoe gaze indie amalgamations cluster-fucking their way into the music scene like sticky glitter on a slice of pizza? Well, CG Roxanne and the Nightmares, a local punk band from Los Angeles, are here to slap you awake.

CG Roxanne and the Nightmares are Marlon Rabenreither on guitar/vox, Sam Thornton on bass, and Carlos Laszlo on drums. The trio’s classic approach to punk songwriting is very Ramones, but not too on the nose, and their ability to pump out the jams quickly and concisely is fucking impressive. Shanghai Lowdown, CG’s debut, was written a mere 10 hours before the band’s very first set.

In an exclusive for What Youth, the dudes of CG Roxanne and the Nightmares answered some questions, and sent us their first single, “Modern Love,” off their forthcoming album, Batards Au Paradis. Read the interview below, listen to the song, and keep an eye on these guys. As the Ramones once said, “the kids are all hopped up and ready to go.”

WHAT YOUTH: How did you guys all meet? 

Carlos Laszlo: I met Marlon on the Santa Monica pier.

Marlon Rabenreither: Carlos was hitting on me actually, he thought I was a hot girl.

Sam Thornton: Marlon and I had some classes together in East LA. For months I only knew him as the sleeping boy in the corner. Just dead. He eventually woke up and introduced me to Carlos.

When did you start playing music together? 

Marlon: Probably 2009. Sam used to play guitar but we made him play bass instead, which I still feel bad about. But I think he’s mostly gotten over it.

Tell me about the birth of the band?

Carlos: A friend asked us to play a show, and we felt like the music we were working on [at the time] wouldn’t quite fit the bill, so we decided to make a new band with all new music that would suit the gig.

Sam: Carlos said it. CG manifested in an afternoon for one show, and didn’t have another for about a year.

This is your third band together – Sister Ruby, Gold Star, and now CG – and you also live together. What are some benefits of all that? 

Sam: Since we were brought up from the same ooze, working with each other is fairly intuitive, and the mutations feel natural.

Marlon: It kind of makes you psychic working with the same crew for so long. I think it’s very rare these days and I’m grateful for it.

What’s the craziest thing that’s happened to you guys at a show? 

Marlon: Last month all these drunk old people went crazy and broke all of our stuff while we were playing. They were really old and wasted, it sucked.

What’s the future like for CG? 

Marlon: I think we’re gonna do a west coast run with The Pesos. Batards Au Paradis is coming out this month. And we’re gonna cut another EP with Travis Pavur over at Golden Beat in Glassell Park in the next few weeks. We cut all our songs live to tape over there, it’s a great spot. Wild Bruce [the band’s manager] is making us work really hard.

Carlos: Our new record, Batards Au Paradis, will be released the day of our Echo Park Rising show.

CG Roxanne and the Nightmares play Echo Park Rising tonight at the Echo in Los Angeles. Check out the rest of the lineup here.

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