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WY Recommends: Industry! 12 Good Reasons to Believe In It

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I love the surf industry. Even, and more specifically, the “industry” part. Our love is complicated, yes. And I often want to drown it. But it is love. And love is a confusing motherfucker anyway. So I love with all my heart through the good and bad.

But it’s always bothered me when really bitter people refuse to allow any industry into their world and insist on fighting “the surf industry” — usually like pussies in the comment sections on websites. But mostly because they end up wearing Dickies and getting even more chapped in the ass than they already are, but also because they don’t realize at some level it is good to have an industry. It is called an industry for a reason.

Look the word up: Industry: noun, plural: industries: the aggregate of manufacturing or technically productive enterprises in a particular field, often named after its principal product. Meaning, they make your boards. Trunks. Shoes. And support all the weird shit you’re into. Like us! And that’s OK! It is nice to wear and use things that were created by the like-minded. By talented designers who happen to shred too, or share your love of old …Lost videos. And surf trips. Those dudes who scare HR Departments. We salute you today! We know your’e out there and you probably designed the shit we’re about to recommend. And for the record, I’d feel better if we directed our negative energy at things like fire-breathing motorcycle riders in the tube at Teahupoo’ for clicks sake. That’s gross industry.

Because somewhere, beyond all that alleged spreadsheet success on fire in the tube, are real brands, doing their best to make good stuff you don’t have to turn inside out to wear in public. Things that come from a real place. Things that are designed to be ripped, torn, sweat, strolled, surf and skated in. We compiled a couple that caught our eye recently. Because surfing is an industry. Love it with us! —Travis

Roark: The Smuggler by Hex Duffel Bag:

Roark has done things, “The Long Hard Stupid Way” — which those of you who know, means they did it right. With proper credentials. They lived it. They created it. And they built it up. Slowly and authentically and we couldn’t be more proud to back them. They’re practically always on the road. So who better to help pack your gear:


Buy it here.

Huf Classic Hi x Spitfire: 

Put a Spitfire logo on your high top Hufs and never need another pair of shoes ever again.


Buy it here.

Dblanc Guilty Pleasure Sunglasses:

Italian quality without getting into an over pretensive shouting match about glass.


Buy it here.

RVCA Denim:

RVCA’s new denim looks and feels really good. It’s also being campaigned around Archy. Get some black coffee and go.


Buy it here.

Vissla Wetsuits:

The best-looking, most comfortable suits we’ve worn. This 2/2 could and should take you right up until we get the big light switch hit for winter in December.


Buy it here.

Depactus Cavern L/S shirt:

Ever wanted to look nice, but still threatening enough to lead a whiskey-fueled fireside chat?

Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 5.01.12 PM

Buy it here.

Brixton: Grain Slim Fit 5-pocket pant:

Colorful but still tough enough to withstand a little grease and wax.

Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 5.02.32 PM

Buy it here.

Billabong Toggle Trunk:

Enough performance to be comfortable and maintain a non-wraparound shade demeanor. Transitions from water to land and back again with no unflattering clinging.


Buy it here.

Quiksilver Death by Stereo Coach’s Jacket:

Another piece in the Dark Rituals line that’s caught our eye in the catalog and in person.


Buy it here.

Fucking Awesome: Terp’s deck:

Maybe cause he keeps hitting us up to surf, and cause we like his graphics.

Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 5.07.10 PM

Buy it here.

Kr3w Buttermaker Jacket in Oxblood:

When the sun goes down, you can never go wrong with Kr3w.


Buy it here.

Globe Dion Bay Shirt:

A necessary staple that looks just as good dirty as it does spotless.



Buy it here.

Volcom Reservation 950 Hat:

Volcom needs no explanation. Everyone should have a favorite Volcom piece. This hat wants to live with you.

Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 2.42.33 PM

Buy it here. 

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