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Listen to: Emotional More bliss for your ears, ’cause summer aint done yet


Summer is showing no signs of stopping. The water is beyond warm, the surf is fun and our popsicles fully melted. Not even into autumn and we’ve already been delivered new DIIV and Deerhunter songs. And it’s only beginning.  To continue with our dream pop obsession, I’d like to throw in an up and coming band from San Francisco called Emotional.

Emotional is the solo project of Brian Wakefield, who also runs Long Live Death Records, the label that put on Deathstock Fest earlier this summer.

Emotional just released a new music video that features Brian walking around San Francisco in a waking life state set to the dreamy pop song “Chinatown.”

The track comes off of a new 7” split that just came out on Lawn Chair Records with the band Trance Farmers.—Asal Shahindoust 

Emotional is hitting the road, see tour dates below: Emotional’s tour dates below.


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