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Watch White Fang’s New Video “Bong Rip” Directed by Workaholics’ Kyle Newacheck

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09.29.15 – TAGS: , , ,

Portland heroes White Fang unleashed a hilarious ripping video for “Bong Rip” a couple weeks ago, to go in hand with the announcement of their new album Chunks, out October 30th on Burger Records. Take a peek.

The video, directed by Workaholics’ creator and co-star Kyle Newacheck, is basically a live show party with White Fang and their buds in the Gnar Burger store in Highland Park, taking bong rips and shredding and having a good old fucking time singing about smoking weed and taking more bong rips. Warning, bongs abound in the video, so maybe whip yours out while you’re watching and pack it in.

Uncle Funkle (Chris Uehlein) had this to say about the video shoot: “The only rule was that if you hit the weed, you had to be filmed doing so.” Sounds like a chill rule to me. —Maya Eslami

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