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Misfit Lefts and Rights Taj Burrow vs. Dion Agius set to The Misfits

Every day it seems to get harder and harder to sift through the endless web clips to find something that makes you so hyped that you’d wanna put on a sandy wet wetsuit in frozen rain, but this Taj edit did it for us, so it’s going up. And maybe it’s because it features a song we used a while back to Dion Agius surfing like a possessed little demon in Costa Rica. And while it’s usually a no-no to use the same songs in edits, we’re letting all this slide because both edits are fucking sick, and deserve to duel. So who wears it better? Misfit lefts or Misfit rights?


And just for good measure, a little bit we liked on the band from a smart music writer.

“New York punk was just punk, simple and static. When Glenn [Danzig, singer/songwriter] started the Misfits, he mutated the punk sound and image into something darker and more sinister, a punk-metal hybrid that later found bloom in the quiet, boring suburbs of Oslo and the boggy backwaters surrounding Tampa. Punk belonged to the media/celebrity hubs of London and New York. Ghoul rock was for the kids in the suburbs where nothing ever happens.”

—John DeRosa, Pitchfork

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