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Listen to Childbirth, “Women’s Rights” Political and hilarious girl punk

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Whatever happened to gritty girl power punk rock? Bands like Bikini Kill, Bratmobile, Huggy Bear and Babes in Toyland rocked the girl revolution world years ago but since the scene has gone dormant.

Well, not in Washington. Coming out of Seattle is three-piece Riot Grrrl band called Childbirth, and last week they released their fourth album, “Woman’s Right” on Suicide Squeeze Records. It’s a feminist art piece but not in the way you’d think.

Julia Shapiro, Stacy Peck and Bree McKenna make up Childbirth and they each come from three other equally rad bands:  Tacocat, Pony Time, and Chastity Belt (which we already introduced you.)

Their music is political, yes, but its got a twist: It’s fucking hilarious — making it the catchiest thing you heard next to Taylor Swift, only you can replace the bubblegum pop with smelly punk rock and your iPod will enjoy the shift in attitude.

You can stream the album over at Brooklyn Vegan now and order it on Suicide Squeeze.  Let’s give a big communal cheers to what I hope is the start of another girl rock revolution! —Asal Shahindoust

Listen to “Nast Grrls” here:

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