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Welcome to the Team: Curren Caples Nixon votes Curren on to their global team. So we took him skating.

Nixon’s always had a special team. Think Andrew Reynolds. John John Florence. Rick McCrank. Tony Hawk. Nathan Fletcher. Chippa Wilson. They don’t just pick up anyone and let them on board. There must be a unanimous vote by the current team before anyone is put on. And we like that. Your team should represent your brand, and Nixon’s always done that and made sure there’s team unity.

The latest member to get the approval rating high and the team ribbon cut is Curren Caples. We recently went up to Ventura with Curren for a day of ripping in his neighborhood. And it sure was pleasant. Fluid. Stylish. And getting more and more radical every single day.

Watch this Welcome to the Nixon Team part and see for yourself.

Watch our Fairly Normal Curren Caples here:

And watch Curren break in our office mini ramp here:

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