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Want to Write for What Youth? We’re (still) looking for contributing writers and interns for 2016

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[Update: If you already sent through your work for our previous callout, we’re still in the process of going through all submissions and will be contacting you between now and early 2016. If you haven’t submitted, below are the instructions.]

Want to wring life by the neck and let it spill out on to the page as beautiful, informative, entertaining stories and interviews for What Youth? Do you like surfing, skating, music, art, food, drinking and/or traveling? Well, we’re interested in hearing from you. But please, before we begin, have your shit together if you apply. And listen closely. This is for reals. Be ready to go hard. There are stories to tell and we need your help telling them.

We’re in the market for potential freelance contributing writers AND part-time writing interns who are eligible for school credit. We repeat: this is for writing and content creation, NOT graphic design or photography (at least not today).

So here’s the deal:

Email under the subject heading “What Youth Writer,” and include a writing sample, any prior publishing or experience and a few lines about yourself and the genre or field of content in which you think you would be helpful in.

We will email you back if we are interested. If we do not email you back, no need to try again. Just keep writing and we’ll be in touch.


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