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Eric Geiselman and Derrick Disney in CA Vissla’s new edit will practically pack the car for you

California is a vast place. Really fucking vast. The coast can throw anything and everything at you too. From cozy and pleasant coves, to icy crags and mountains and foam and sharks and river mouths of doom. But hot damn if it isn’t one of the greatest feelings in the world loading up at dawn and driving along it’s never-ending coastline, dipping in and out of different and strange surfs. They can be spooky, fun and terrifying all in a few hours. Wash it down with some Coast Highway and and IPA and California will make you smile every time.

This vid launching Vissla’s Holiday line makes us wanna do just that. Watch it, load up the car, get some warmer gear and hit the road just like Eric and Derrick do here.

Check out “Honey Coast” the What Youth Issue 11 zine we put together from their trip. Or get one of your very own here. All photos by Kenny Hurtado.

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