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Watch Tracy Bryant’s “Subterranean” video An exclusive premiere music video from the frontman of Corners

Tracy Bryant, frontman and founder of LA’s post-punk experimentalists Corners, debuted his first solo effort in 2014, the split cassette with Billy Changer, appropriately called 2 in 1. Since then, Bryant has been busy mastering and touring with Corners, or so we thought. In January of 2015, Bryant escaped to the Arizona desert to start working on his next album Subterranean with a little help from The Resonars’ Matt Rendon. Cut live with Froth’s Joo-Joo Ashworth and Jeremy Katz, and drummer Cameron Gartung of Mystic Braves, the album was his way of exploring musical boundaries and elaborating on his own prolific style. The world took note. Ryan Thomas even used a track on Psychic Migrations. And today, we’re happy to premiere Bryant’s video for “Subterranean,” the first single off the album, presented in collaboration with our boys at Burger Records.

Filmed by Tony Accosta and edited by Matt Grote at Rendon’s Midtown Island Studio in Tucson, the video was shot using a Sankyo Super LXL 250 Super 8 camera. “It was really cold in Tucson that week, so I had bought everyone long underwear. We hung out in Matt’s backyard everyday, drank a lot of coffee and really cold beers, and everyone was covered in dog hair,” said Accosta of the shoot. “All of the band members are best friends of mine, so I wanted it to feel like a home movie rather than a music video.” Worked like a charm. The video makes me want to disappear with these guys, drink some cold beers and slip beneath the surface. -Maya Eslami

“Subterranean is what’s below the surface….a place where the unsung heroes swim towards a doorway to something sacred. This is about what becomes possible when you try. It’s about carrying each other opposed to tearing down. This is a place where the possibilities are endless…you can dive for the deepest & darkest point, or stay as shallow as you like…and at one point you may find light beaming through…a hole to shoot through and become visible to those above, but the choice ultimately is yours.” – Tracy Bryant

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