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The What Youth Holiday Wish List The rad stuff you need to buy (or have someone buy for you)

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Well, we’re here. The holiday season. The scent of consumerism and dead birds is wafting through the crisp air. There are rad new collabs mixed in with garbage and gimmicks and you need help navigating the shit storm that is the shopping season. Thankfully for you, we’ve been keeping a list and putting anything we get sent for free to the test. All for you. Below are some picks for the best stuff we’ve seen lately for your holiday lists, from all our favorite brands of the year.  And it starts with us.

The WY Shop is loaded with tees, sweatshirts, stickers and What Youth books that make for your greatest chance at holiday gift buying heroism. Order soon and you’ll even have it in time for the egg nog toast.

Get What Youth gear and mags here. 

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Here’s a rundown of the other things that have caught our eye recently:

Huf: Huf x Nagel Collab Collar Pullover

Nagel was an ’80s pop artist who’s work probably littered your weird aunt’s house as a child. The art deco-style pop art featured the female form and since Huf founder Keith Hufnagel’s last name works out nicely for this collab, Huf made a whole capsule with the late artists graphics. I have personally posed for photos with no less than 10 people when I’ve worn this sweatshirt. The graphics strike a chord with people and they look sick. Highly recommended holiday buy.

Check the whole collection and buy here.


Sony: RX100 IV Camera

We’ve been using this point and shoot camera on the road a ton. It shoots 4k, features a Ziess lens. The photos are sharp as a tack and the dynamic range is insane. Less obtrusive than all our other cameras, which makes for good Lizard of Summer footage.

Buy it here.


Globe: Mahalo Lyte (The Mark Appleyard’s)

A little bit skate shoe, a lot-a-bit comfortable. Globe’s stuff always flies under the radar just enough to keep it cool, but always looks rad and their team is fucking amazing.We’re in on the new Applyards.

Buy them here.


Gorilla Fins and grip

Gorilla is easily making the loudest, sickest fins and deck pads right now. Give your board some zest.  Or a watermelon. Or something wild. As the late Andy Irons always said, “Each year you need a whole new vibe.” And this is a good way to get one.

Buy them here.



We just finished shooting a possible 2-part doozy of a Fairly Normal with Leo Romero. And we fell in love with him, his band and his shoe. Why not.

Buy them here.


Herschel Travel Bag

This is easily the sexiest bag I’ve ever owned. It looks really rad, fits all my shit and is tough enough to be thrown in the back of the van without worrying about it. It’s the beautiful tough guy of bags.

Buy it here.


Stance Underwear

I’m not going to lie. I have a pair and they’re better than being naked. Most comfortable thing you can wear under your denim. Hell, I would contemplate it under my trunks at this point.

Buy them here.


The Minor Panic by D’Blanc

A lot of frames come our way, and these keep ending up on our head. Girls and boys look good in them too.

Buy them here.


Marin Jacket by Vissla

Every winter wardrobe needs a good shell. This is our favorite so far.

Buy it here.


Speed Vein Long Sleeve by Quiksilver

We’re wearing what Craig’s wearing. And the Dark Rituals line by Quik is sick.

Buy it here.


All Day Lo Tides by Billabong

Billabong makes life better in boardshorts. And we’re still on board. These are priced well, simple, comfortable and worn by everyone from Rasta to Taj to Jack Robinson. Very proven.

Buy them here.


Hi and Dry Surfboard Bag by Poler Stuff

The back of you car shouldn’t be boring. This bag is legit and fun.

Buy it here.


Leonard II hat by Brixton

You need a sick hat in your arsenal. And this is the one this year.

Buy it here.


Richer or Poorer Socks

Sock are necessary now. Having a mini ramp at our office leaves us sweating a lot. Thankfully Richer or Poorer have entered the sock game and are here to duel in the market. More patterns. More comfort.

Buy them here.


Tuff Patrol Sunglasses by Crap Eyewear

Crap sunglasses have become an in-house favorite. They help us throw rad parties, always send us good music and their glasses are rad and affordable.

Buy them here.


Barnett Jacket by Kr3w

You have to have one in the closet. And Kr3w is doing a rad one. Anytime it’s dark outside, Kr3w gear is on point. Sick denim and black numbers for dark winters.

Buy it here.


2 x 4 Denim by Volcom

Skinny leg but not silly skinny. Every color you need, and Volcom’s been doing it long enough to nail denim.

Buy them here.



Slowtide Towel

You could probably buy everyone on your list a Slowtide towel and be a hero for the year.

Buy it here.


Remmy 49 by Raen

Get the champagne crystal. Love them. A lot.

Buy them here.


Cargo Deluxe Chill by Sanuk

Sanuk has a damn good time. So don’t be boring and show these a good time too. They’re ready for anything.

Buy them here.



Gonz is on the cover of our latest issue. Cromer fucking rules. Worrest hung with us in NY. And Sebo Walker just destroyed our mini ramp. We’re in.

Buy Krooked at your local skate shop or check them all here. 



Clean and ready for a long night out (and the following morning’s journey home). In any area of the world.

Buy it here.


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