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Watch Jack Robinson in Breakthrough Shades of a little bit of everyone, turned way up

Maybe it’s the North Point. Or the Billabong sticker. Or the ultra mature prowess, but Jack Robinson looks as polished and experienced as anyone on his Billabong team. Shades of Taj, Parko and you’d be silly not to see some Andy peering over those Teahupo’o walls.

Jack has been on all of our radar for a long time, we even did this vid below on him three years ago..when he might have been three himself. And it’s been fun to watch him grow up with the waves he’s surfing. His dad no longer has to shadow him because he’s not 8 anymore when he travels, which is only going to put him in bigger barrels. But this is a pretty damn impressive start. If you can stomach the Food Fighters, this is a hit.

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