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Listen to No Parents And prepare to feel alive again

Photo: Felisha Tolentino

Punk rock is a highly subjective musical genre. So when a band comes around flexing “punk” vibes, it’s hard not to question their credibility. Enter LA’s No Parents, a foursome of wild, oftentimes naked, oftentimes belligerent dudes who are closer to punk than any other leather wearing, tattoo wielding, Richard Hell obsessed dirtbags in the game. Listen for yourself.

No Parents are Zoe Reign, Ryan McGuffin, Killian LeDuke and Monte Najera, and despite all the nudity and debauchery, these dudes know how to make music. With song titles like “Dick City” and “I’m a Dildo” and “Take Your Pants Off,” it’s pretty clear, at least to me, that these fools exceed my punk expectations and truly do not give a fuck. Burger Records is re-releasing their 2014 debut, May the Thirst Be With You, on vinyl in January 2016. For now, watch this and prepare to feel alive again.—Maya Eslami 

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