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The What Youth 2015 Our Top 5 Interviews of the Year

the what youth 2015 top five interviews

We spend most of the year talking to people. Record. Talk Talk Talk. And then we show you. That’s one thing we do here. And we talk to all types of people — with this year being especially eclectic. Everyone from Swedish DIY skate Lord Pontus Alv to Napkin Apocalypse to Bruce Irons all made their way into transcription. And since it’s the end of the year and it’s fun to look back and see just what the hell we’ve done, we compiled a bunch of Top 5 lists, starting today with our Top 5 interviews of the year.

And whether it’s when we got Mitch and his wife Kristie drunk in NYC and called out Kolohe for missing his own video premiere we threw him, or hearing from a very in-tune Bruce Irons for the first time in a long time, or learning how Napkin Apocalypse gets Pam to sit still that long, we like to think we uncovered some of our culture’s finest stories this year. Here’s our top 5 of 2015: Let’s call them “must watch, must read.”


She’s Sammy Boo and Pam’s mom, Dane’s girl, and one of our favorite people in the world. Some call her Courtney, but to most she’s Napkin Apocalypse. We went to her house earlier in the year to hangout and film an episode of For the Love and ended up with a behind the scenes tour, and one of the most fascinating interviews we’ve gotten to date.

what youth napkin apocolypse

WHAT YOUTH: The last time I interviewed you, you were working at Sea World, I think. This was a long time ago, what were the early days of Courtney like?

COURTNEY: Growing up I’d always known that I wanted to work with animals and I went to exotic animal training college for two years. They have a zoo on campus and you learn how to train, animal husbandry, what it takes to put on a show, wildlife conservation, how to run a zoo, how to answer a phone. Just everything it takes to work with animals. And we learn the kingdom, phylum, class, origins of species of hundreds of animals. I had wanted to work at Sea World with dolphins and so I graduated in ‘06 and I got a job at Sea World.

Read the full interview here.


Mostly because this is just how you should do an interview: At the fucking bar in New York with your friends playing pool. Shit talking included. Also, because Mitch and Kristie were on their honeymoon and spent it at a dive bar with us.

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Sometimes you don’t have to say much (even thought Austyn isn’t afraid to say anything and everything) sometimes it’s the simple Off Beat that reveals the most.

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Sometimes meeting someone and interviewing them for the first time leads you to something and someone very far away from what you expected — as was the case when we went to Oregon (of all places) with Mikey Wright — who happens to be Owen’s little brother, but is carving a very different path, but still ripping and ruling.

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It was a long time coming. And the timing was just right. And who we got was on-point, in-tune and fired up. And right now, a few months after this interview was done, he’s backing it up. He’s been on every Pipe swell, he’s surely already waxed up and ready if the Eddie goes, and he held his own at Pipe Masters after Kieren Perrow gave him the event wildcard after a few social media and online campaigns from everyone (including us). Part 1 and 2 of our chat with one of our heroes.

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