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The 2015 What Youth Slideshow All the fun that we had, set to Lou Reed

New Year’s would have to be our favorite holiday. It’s the only one with little to no religious associations, and is widely considered the most celebrated holiday we have on planet earth. For good reason, we made a damn trip around the sun together! And Champagne is in order! Book ends are good. For life inventory. We get to make resolutions for the new year about eating healthy, traveling more, vowing to never wear Phantom technology trunks ever again and things of that nature. It’s also a rad day to look back at all the fun that we had.

And holy shit did we have a good time with you guys. From Cluster to Brother to Japan to San Fran to everywhere else we all went. We set it to Lou Reed and there is so much incredible imagery in this that is makes us drink and laugh and cry all at the same time. Thanks for coming with us.

Happy New Year everyone, we cannot wait to show you what we got planned for 2016. Have one on us today/tonight/tomorrow. —Travis 


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