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Craig Anderson in “Welcome Elsewhere” Craig walks us through his new video

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Any minute now Craig Anderson will drop his new video “Welcome Elsewhere.” You’ll be able to watch it right here at What Youth as soon as it does, but in the meantime, we had him walk us through a few frame grabs to get you in the mood.

Last year after his mind-altering part in Cluster, Craig more or less vanished. In a sexy Curren-esque fashion. He hid in the shade and hype created from his Cluster part and managed to navigate around the globe relatively undetected — aside from a few crazy photos and rumblings in Indo, Craig was moving around, but staying nice and quiet about it. And now, he’s back and tomorrow he’ll be unveiling the fruits of going mysto.

We had him sit down with Kai and walk us through a few key points from the vid before it goes live. And from what we’ve seen, that would make today a good day.

All frame grabs taken from “Welcome Elsewhere.” 


“We found this wave and my Tahitian bodyboard friend Alvino came over to hunt some waves with me. He couldn’t say my name properly — he pronounces my name as “Greg.” We stumbled upon this inside reef and he pointed it out and said, “Good for Greg.” So now its called Greg’s.”

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“I spent a lot of the year driving across Australia, hunting uncrowded waves because surfing crowded waves is stupid. This is the middle of Australia and I like how its shaky, I like how its hard to get too and I like being mysto in the desert.”


“Didn’t make it…but I tried.”


“I was really fortunate to work with a lot of talented shooters on this project like Kai Neville, Dave Fox, Tom Jenno & Tyge Landa. Thats what made it special. This is a frame grab from Tyge, one of the tightest shooters in the game. He just brought a 1300mm lens. Excited see what he cooks up with it. Amazing cinematographer.”


“My vibe.”


“Single fins and Chopes don’t make sense but its fun when it’s inside reef Chopes.”


 “Tom Jenno on the button.”


“Iceland on the cook.”


“Water was pretty fucking cold this day.”


“Some uncharted waters down in Australia. Wave was novelty, refracting through a hole and made wedges all over the shop.”


“This session was pretty hyped up, even more so this particular wave. Didn’t get tooted…snow boarded start to finish. Glad I didn’t fall because the reef is death-defying. Got six tubes in two days of surfing but it’s some of the best waves I’ve have ever seen in Indo.”


“See ya.”

Watch Welcome Elsewhere here: 

Watch Craig’s episode of Off Beat here: 


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