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Listen to Sheer Mag Philly rock ‘n’ roll to soothe your soul

Sheer Mag, the rock ‘n’ roll inspired power pop blended punk quintet from Philadelphia, are peaking on my watch list right now. I know, that’s a shitload of genre references, but stay with me. Fully reverbed and drenched in pulsating beats, with lead singer Christina Halladay’s vocals pitched high yet somehow resonating soul swagger, Sheer Mag’s blunt force reminds me of the bands I used to listen to in high school, only more sophisticated, and at the same time blown-out with lo-fi power.

The band only has a couple 7″ out – an untitled debut and their follow-up II, released on Katorga Works out of Brooklyn – but their flavor got around enough that Josh Simpson and Beau Foster used their track “What You Want” in the film “Shitkicker” last year.

I wont compare these guys to anything because, let’s face it, comparisons suck. But consider the combination of the Nerves, Shannon and the Clams, Thin Lizzy. even specs of Iggy Pop, and maybe you’ll come close to what Sheer Mag sounds like. Or, just listen for yourself. Easy. —Maya Eslami 

Watch Beau Foster’s rad vid “Shitkicker” and listen to Sheer Mag during the end JBay part below: 

SHITKICKER from Josh Simpson on Vimeo.

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