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Listen to “Rare Breed” by the Shrine And then get the new album out today

We spent some time with The Shrine last year. They were immersed in working on a new album — and have since finished the album, gone on Lemmy’s personal festival/cruise ship called “The Motorboat,” played alongside Motorhead, and starred in commercials. Essentially kicked ass.

The new album “Rare Breed” is out today, and you can listen to title-track below. With Lemmy’s recent passing, it’s nice to know that there are modern bands carrying out the legacy of powerful and loud rock ‘n’ roll. This is fucking strong.

Another awesome thing is this: The record release party is Jan 22nd and there’s rumor that they will be doing a Motorhead tribute with Hawkwinds’ Nik turner. Below are photos from photographer, Olivia Jaffe. Stay tuned for more info on the release party, it’s going to be wild.


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