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Watch Night Beats’ Video for “No Cops” Directed by Riley Blakeway and starring Johan Stuckey

“When I first heard the track my initial intention was to create something violent,” said director Riley Blakeway of the video for “No Cops” from psyche soul trio Night Beats. “But as the process continued I became really attracted to the idea of making something more bizarre and performative.”

Well, the video is definitely bizarre and performative, and also hilarious. Starring Johan Stuckey as a kidnapped victim of some deranged, unstable, freak of a cop, the video explores the notion of authority gone awry. As frontman Danny Lee explains, “I felt the best representation was to portray a Police figure that was truly tortured. People with power usually corrupt it and turn it into a sick fantasy.” Too bad Johan got the shit end of the stick in the fantasy. —Maya Eslami 

Watch our Afternoon Interview with Johan Stuckey here: 

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