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Help Save Channel Street Legendary San Pedro Skatepark needs our help

Video: Thrasher

Nothing pisses us off like bureaucracy getting in the way of shredding. And that’s what’s happening in San Pedro, California right now— at one of Southern California’s most iconic skate parks.

It began as two pump-humps and a quarter pipe beneath California’s 110 Freeway in 2002. Those bits of concrete and metal inspired an allegiance. That allegiance grew, sacrificing blood, sweat and paychecks to continue building a legacy. That legacy became Channel Street Skatepark. And now, 14 years later, Channel Street is threatened to be destroyed based on newly-instated permit and insurance requirements. Either we stop the destruction, or it stops us. Channel Street IS skateboarding in its purest form.

Please contribute whatever you can to help keep the dream alive so we can all keep ripping: Click here to chip in. Every bit helps. —Garrett English 



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