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Photos from Mark Oblow’s Solo Show Back Den on display for “Stuck to Me” in Los Angeles

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We’ve been to our share of art shows. Generally they’re stuffy, deflating (art is expensive) and pretentious. But last week we attended the opening night of Mark Oblow’s first solo art show at Factory 413 in Los Angeles and found an artistic renaissance. Cold beer and coffee were aplenty and smoke billowed outside while inside a who’s who of creative, talented, radical individuals perused the walls of shockingly technical and really eye-pleasing art by Mark Oblow.

Oblow has been shooting photos for his entire life and you often see the history in his Back Den column on What Youth. But in recent years his art work has worked it’s way to the main stage. Time consuming and meticulous detail go into his mixed media and resin works. They’re one of a kind but have a look that anyone who lives like us can appreciate.

A huge congrats to Oblow for putting this show on. We were nothing less than baffled at how much rad you’ve created. Check below for imagery of the preparation and the opening night.

Photographs by Arto Saari and Taylor Dunfee.

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