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Listen to “Check me out” Off Tomorrows Tulips new EP Indie Rock Royalty Comb

what youth recommends tomorrows tulips

Your favorite slacker indie rock band is back in 2016 dropping their anticipated EP Indie Rock Royalty Comb. Tomorrows Tulips worked all of last year recording and creating a sound that is finally resonating with Alex and Ford’s conscious (possibly unconscious) efforts to make alternative college rock cool again.

Some of the new album was recorded at K Records with the legendary Calvin Johnson, which will be a satisfying treat for fans since the band was so discreet about their accomplishments and milestones throughout the year — as they are with their surfing and pretty much anything else they are involved with.

Listen to the first single “Check Me Out” here:

Aside from Calvin’s K Record’s engineered sound, the mini album is also full of covers including “Quiet Riot Grrrl” by their 90s alt rock heroes Further and “Why I Didn’t Like August ’93” by another lowkey epic ’90s band, Elevator To Hell.

The close listener will note Alex’s tonal maturity which may be partially aided by his recent collaborations with Kim Gordon. This new direction in sound should get you plenty excited for their full-length out later this year.

You can order and stream the album now on Burger Records.—Asal Shahindoust


Catch them live in February here: 

February 3: The Chapel, San Francisco

February 7: The Observatory, Santa Ana w/ Power Lunch

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And listen to our Stay Tuned Playlist with Alex Knost here:

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