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D’Blanc Release Issue 2 of “Perspective” And in a world of shitty zines, this isn’t one

It seems as though everyone has their own zine these days. I’ve been to zine fests, zine carnivals, zine swap meets and zine co-ops. My fingers have flipped through countless pages of creative paper. I’ve seen them all — or at least enough to know my shit. I’ve seen the clever, the predictable, and the ones that are just a sad waste of tree. But I just got a good look at D’Blanc’s second issue of “Perspective” and these are sick.


Issue 002 is a visual journal documenting all the wild stuff they get up to. All captured by rad photogs and spotlights on everyone running D’Blanc shades these days. There are artists, surfers, models, babes and then there’s Derrick Disney holding a suss can of something in a paper bag. Noa Deane is in there, as are water color paintings, the LA Zoo, facts about Italy (coincidently enough, where their shades are made).


Flick through the digital version here but hunt down a paper copy, they’re a rad coffee table piece.


I promise it’s not a D’Blanc catalogue. Or a look-book disguised as a zine. It’s not a sunglasses ad, and I never felt like I was reading one while turning the pages.  But the shades do add an element of “I want” to the casual perusal. It’s not an ad. But all of a sudden I want a pair. —Kristen Walters 


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