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Listen to Feels Thrashing bedroom grrrl rock that’ll make you believe in feelings again

In an age where digital music comes as easily and readily as microwaved popcorn, LA-based foursome Feels, the reincarnation of Raw Geronimo, are sticking to a slower, natural approach when it comes to releasing new songs. Search for them on the Internet and their music is hard to attain. When I asked bassist Amy Marie Allen for a SoundCloud link or Bandcamp page, she said, “We don’t have any music online, just live videos on YouTube people have recorded on their phones.”


Well, not for long. With articles out in Spin and LA Record just last week, Feels are gaining some serious momentum as the new band to watch.

Led by Laena Geronimo, of the Like and Raw Geronimo (her dad also happens to be Alan Myers of Devo), guitarist/vocalist Shannon Lay, drummer Michael Perry Rudes and Allen, Feels, sometimes spelled FEELS, have been shredding for almost a year now, perfecting their sound and mesmerizing crowds with their unbelievable live performances. They even got the approval of Ty Segall, who quickly hopped on board and produced their self-titled debut, due out February 26 on Castle Face Records.

Seeing Feels live is like seeing a stadium caliber force of rock mixed with the emotional intimacy of what you’d thrash around to in your bedroom, and just a tiny hint of riot grrrl punk attitude. They slay, in every aspect. The seemingly new band has already headlined their first show, which is a pretty huge feat considering the competition these days. And although their online presence is limited for now, the babes of Feels are cool with that, and they will make you believe in feelings again. –Maya Eslami



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